We Focus on Fewer Practice Areas,
So We Can Provide More

Here at the Law Office of Benjamin Ramos, we try to keep our areas of specialization narrow so that we can provide the absolute best possible level of service in our field. Rather than offer mediocre service to everyone, our clients understand that if we take their case they can expect top tier legal representation.


We offer parole hearing representation in Northern California. Habeas corpus writs and proceedings to challenge parole denial or parole reversal by the Governor are also our areas of expertise.


The appeal process is an extremely important part of our legal system. This office provides appointed representation on direct appeal through court appointments from the various state Appellate Projects. We also oversee petitions for review in the California Supreme Court.


The Law Office of Benjamin Ramos also offers expert legal counsel on writs and appeals in civil cases not involving criminal charges. Experienced and successful representation provided in writs of mandate and prohibition in civil and administrative matters.


Uncontested, clear-liability personal injury cases, where the other party is clearly at fault according to a police report also benefit from experienced legal counsel. For instance, if you have been rear-ended or the other party ran a red light or stop sign, please contact us to help you navigate this difficult time and reduce your stress.


The 14th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution requires states to provide due process of law before taking life, liberty, or property. Due process of law is a broad and flexible concept, but it generally bans arbitrary government behavior and requires basic, fundamental protections such as notice, hearing, and evidence before the government takes adverse action. Protecting these fundamental rights forms the foundation of my practice and legal philosophy.


This Office provides appointed representation on state and federal habeas corpus petitions in the State of California. Private representation may also be accepted following review of the case. Appointment by the District Court for representation on a habeas corpus petition extends to representation in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal. This Office has had success in the Ninth Circuit Court of appeal and has thorough experience handling appeals in ยง 2254 cases.