Law is one of the few professions where “winner take all” usually applies. In court, the judge does not try to make both sides happy and reach an acceptable compromise. The judge issues a ruling, one side wins and the other loses. I draw on all my knowledge, experience, and training to maximize your chances for success in court.

When you hire me, you get the benefit of my legal experience going back to 1987, when I first worked during law school as a law clerk at a mid-sized personal injury law firm. In addition to working at various civil firms and handling civil cases, I have handled criminal cases my entire career, starting in 1991. Since 2000, I have regularly handled parole matters and conducted over 700 parole hearings as a board-appointed attorney from 2000-2007. With this level of experience, I gained invaluable insights into the operations of the Board of Parole Hearings, such as understanding board psychology and the board’s subjective expectations, which are not in writing or any official policy. These insights only come through years of hard-earned experience conducting hundreds of parole hearings.

I have meticulously followed and catalogued the case law involving the Board of Parole Hearings since the seminal Rosenkrantz decision in 2002 until the present. My case law library stores summaries of numerous cases on various topics, such as insight, remorse, parole plans, denials of guilt, psychological evaluations, 115s and many others. I have sorted, organized and data-based the case law to be at my fingertips for easy reference and inclusion in habeas corpus petitions for writ-winning arguments.

I also provide the benefit of my experience as both a trial and appellate attorney. I have trial experience in both state and federal court and have accepted numerous state appointments to represent defendants on appeal of criminal convictions. I have personally handled hundreds of writs and appeals and receive annual training by the Appellate Projects in the art of brief-writing and updates to substantive law. The results of my training and experience are demonstrated by a record of dozens of victories both in the trial courts and courts of appeal, as further evidenced in the victories section of this website.