Please call or write for information about services and fees.

I forward contracts to clients for review, approval, and signature before any representation starts.

After the contract is signed and returned, I ask that all pertinent legal documents and transcripts be forwarded to me. However, I will review some documents in advance of representation for no charge.

I submit a draft of all initial habeas corpus petitions to the client for review and approval. Once the client signs and returns the petition, I file it with the court.

Rulings on habeas corpus petitions are received from the court usually about 60-90 days after filing, although some cases take longer. As soon as I receive a copy of the court’s ruling on a habeas corpus petition, I send a copy to the client.

Please send copies of these documents that need not be returned.

Note: No representation to appeal/challenge convictions or sentences unless appointed by the court. No representation in civil actions for medical malpractice or civil rights violations. Please contact the State Bar and local county bar associations for attorney referrals in these matters.