I graduated from law school in 1991. During my last two years of law school, I worked as a law clerk for CIGNA Insurance’s house law firm in Sacramento. It was there that I learned the ropes for litigating personal injury cases from the defense side.

After a year as a contract attorney for CIGNA, I rented an office and began my private practice full time. I had not been taught in law school how to build, grow, and manage a thriving private law practice, so it was a challenge. I handled primarily plaintiff personal injury cases for 8 years and did periodic criminal defense and various other types of law, such as contracts, business formation, divorce, and tax litigation. There were some impressive successes in the early years and others I now consider valuable learning experiences.

In 2000 I became involved with parole law, conducting parole hearings, and preparing habeas corpus petitions challenging parole denials. Although the focus of my practice has remained on criminal law, I have periodically handled clear-liability personal injury cases, negotiating fair and reasonable settlements.

I have won numerous complex habeas corpus petitions and various complex civil matters, such as two plaintiff’s summary judgment motions, a petition for writ of mandate and numerous motions.

As the law continues to evolve, new challenges arise to protect ever-changing rights and stay current with the law. As my record demonstrates, you have my enduring commitment to provide the most competent and thorough legal representation, specially tailored to meet your particular legal needs.