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Trusted Experience

Since 1991 the Law Office of Benjamin Ramos has provided expert legal advice to a vast array of clients. Individuals, families, and companies have all experienced first-hand the indispensable value of legal counsel you can trust. Our goal of understanding the client’s specific legal needs and providing highly specific, specialized and experienced legal representation to meet those needs has led directly to our success. By fighting for your liberty and prosperity we ensure our own, which is evidenced by the tremendous client retention we have worked hard to foster over the past decades.

Court House


The legal process can be very complicated, but we do our best to cut through the jargon and promote understanding for our clients. We strive to provide simple solutions to complex problems whenever possible.


Integrity is our number one priority. In our business reputation means everything, which is why we believe in honesty and ethical behavior at all times.


While we value simplicity, we also focus on committing ourselves to learning the newest techniques for our areas of practice. You will not find legal representation that works harder than we do to stay current.

Fighting for Liberty

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